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#TreeSquare: Fruits

Peach. Hamilton, Missouri. July 16, 2021.

There are fruits of trees that you might eat.

Apple. Ankeny, Iowa. July 19, 2021.
Black Walnut. Iowa Arboretum, Madrid, Iowa. July 2021.

And fruits of trees that are not for human consumption.

Bald Cypress. Iowa Arboretum, Madrid, Iowa. July 20, 2021.
Pinecones Old and New. Iowa Arboretum, Madrid, Iowa. July 20, 2021.

Posted in response to Becky’s July #TreeSquare Challenge.

CMMC – December Close Up or Macro

Leaves in Cup with Pinecone. Photo: TLClark, 12/6/2020.

Sometimes I pick up “treasures” when walking through a park. Usually I just take a closer look then leave them where found. Occasionally I carry them home for Another LQQK.

These two leaves and pinecone were collected while walking at Pioneer Park in Billings, Montana.

Pinecone in Cup with Leaves. Photo: TLClark, 12/6/2020.

The cup and saucer are souvenirs from my visit to the Huntley Project Museum. Both were made by Katie Redfield of Open Sky Arts in Butte, Montana. Visit openskyartsmontana.com to see more of her work.

Cup & Saucer with Pinecone and Leaves. Photo: TLClark, 12/6/2020.

Posted in response to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge – Close Up or Macro.