CMMC Pick a Topic: Reflections on Water

I knew immediately which picture I wanted to share for this week’s Midweek Madness Challenge when I saw Cee’s challenge photo (see it here)! I’m mesmerized by the reflection in the surface ripples of water – both in Cee’s photo and mine (above).

This next photo is of the same area – just further away and from a different angle.

The last three photos were taken in quick succession a little earlier on the same day in the same place – November 4, 2022 at Riverfront Park, Billings, Montana. I was just starting my walk when a flock of geese flew overhead, circled and landed on the water.

10 thoughts on “CMMC Pick a Topic: Reflections on Water

    1. Teressa Clark Post author

      Now you’ve made me wonder!
      Calm seems to equate with peaceful or gentle or maybe just rest. Definitely beautiful.
      Ripples make me think of movement or change or maybe just a sign of life. The geese landing, an otter swimming, and a slight breeze all caused ripples on the water that day. Also beautiful.
      Yet I have to agree that a disturbance like the Yellowstone River flooding last June was not beautiful – the grassy area in the foreground of the middle picture was underwater. While it was good for the Yellowstone basin ecosystem – for example, providing better habitat for native fish – the chaos it caused for the human population continues.


      1. Maren

        That is exactly what I was thinking, as well as considering that the older I get the more I like calm and yet I know some murky, clogged ponds that smell from miles away … both the ones in the landscape and the humans for whom still and rippled water is a metaphor/parable.

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