CMMC Close Up: Tomatoes

Tanya’s Tomatoes. Quincy, Illinois. September 24, 2022.
One on the Vine. Quincy, Illinois. September 24, 2022.
Dad’s Tomatoes. Billings, Montana. October 6, 2022.

Posted in response to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge October Close Up or Macro.

4 thoughts on “CMMC Close Up: Tomatoes

  1. Kristy May

    Wowwee! What ARE those purple beauties?!
    One of the most joyful times of the year is when the first tomatoes are ready to eat (BLTs, anyone?). One of the saddest times is when the frost kills the vines & ends the goodness for the year. Love fresh tomatoes!

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    1. Teressa Clark Post author

      If I could tell you what those deep purple tomatoes were, I would!
      BLTs with fresh off the vine tomatoes definitely get my vote. Better yet, are those super sweet cherry tomatoes at Tanya’s – ate quite a few as we were picking them!



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