CMMC November Close Up: End of Summer

With the first hard freeze of the season earlier this week, we have definitely said good-bye to summer here in central Iowa. The forecast calls for a few more warmish days but the nip in the air says it is definitely autumn.

The pictures are posted in response to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge – November Close Up or Macro. The first photo in each row was taken in late September. The others were all taken in toward the end of October.

I think you should be able to click on one photo to see the full image and then scroll through all of them.

ADDED: So interesting that the images are square when post is read through the WordPress Reader. When read on the Another LQQK page, the photos are cropped round and can be pulled up one by one in their original rectangular shape. – Teressa

6 thoughts on “CMMC November Close Up: End of Summer

    1. Teressa Clark Post author

      Thanks, Cee. I’ve been amazed by how the milkweed almost sparkles in the right light.
      I hadn’t used galleries until the last month or two. I like being able to scroll through all the photos but am definitely not a fan of the cropping.

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  1. Maren

    My favorite is the milkweed, too. And our frost, so late came last weekend as well.
    And do not start me on WP and how hard it is to post poetry (they say it — “the paragraph is the building block of communication.” Huh.?

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