CMMC: August Color Red

Red is the August color for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge. I browsed my digital files and found more red in 2021 than I imagined I had!

Flowers first: tulips, a fairy duster (who knew there was such a thing?!!), and a rose.

Next up: a glimpse of my visit to the Iowa Arboretum. The school house is so small there’s just enough room for a student or two with the teacher. The metal sculpture of a cardinal is the best cardinal photo in my collection – maybe someday I’ll get the right equipment to take live bird pictures.

For a little fun, here is a new fire hydrant looking at an older relative to see if it is safe to remove its covering.

And, finally, the side of a red barn.

11 thoughts on “CMMC: August Color Red

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    1. Teressa Clark Post author

      Oh, Maren, thank-you! While I couldn’t read it through the link you sent, I immediately checked my email inbox to see what CAC had sent today. It truly resonated with me.
      My nature photography is frequently a contemplative practice, a combination of wonder and prayer. I might even call it a quiet celebration of creation.


  2. Maren

    Teressa, May I use with credit the photograph Baja Fairy Duster as my illustration for a daily prayer on the RevGalsBlogPals website onSaturday September 4? I think the prayer will focus on how the beauty of another region startles me into really experiences my own … how watching scripture Signed deepens words that I in fact can hear, how the food of another culture lets me travel miles over borders with my tongue and end up back at my grandmother’s pie … sort of like that. I would appreciate it very much.

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