TreeSquare: At Big Creek State Park


The primary requirement for Becky’s July #TreeSquare challenge is that the picture be square; a secondary rule is that the photo contains a tree or a part of a tree or the shadow of a tree or even the hint of fake tree. So today I’m sharing three pictures – two with trees in the background and one that is all about the trees. All were taken June 18, 2021 at Iowa’s Big Creek State Park.


I’m guessing – and I could be wrong – that the tree stumps in this third photograph are what remain of trees destroyed by the derecho that swept through the state a year ago.


7 thoughts on “TreeSquare: At Big Creek State Park

    1. Teressa Clark Post author

      Thanks! If it has a flower and I have a camera, I’ll take a picture.
      Milkweed is vital habitat for monarch butterflies; a female lays her eggs on milkweed leaves and the larvae (aka caterpillar) eats only milkweed leaves. Folk are encouraged to plant milkweed and let them grow.

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      1. PauliAtomic

        Where I come from, we have all this Black Swallowort invading and competing out the milkweed. It’s toxic to monarchs and very hard to remove.

        Long live milkweed!


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