CMMC – Words with Letter I: Origami in the Garden

White Bison, OrigamintheGarden2, Reiman Gardens, 2021.

Cee’s latest Midweek Madness Challenge is to show words with the letter i and I’ve opted to share pictures of sculptures in the exhibit OrigamiintheGarden2 currently at Reiman Gardens on the Iowa State University campus.

Standing Cranes, OrigamintheGarden2, Reiman Gardens, 2021.

Origami is the Japanese word for folding paper. OrigamiintheGarden is an outdoor sculpture exhibition created by American artists Jennifer and Kevin Box that captures the delicate nature of this paper art form in museum quality metals. The exhibition features Box’s own compositions as well as collaborations with world renowned origami artists Te Jui Fu, Beth Johnson, Michael G. LaFosse and Robert J. Lang.
Nesting Pair, OrigamintheGarden2, Reiman Gardens, 2021.

Bright sunlight on white sculptures led me to a little more photo editing than basic cropping. Nothing fancy – just changed the light balance using the free photo editing software that came with my laptop.

Rising Peace, OrigamintheGarden2, Reiman Gardens, 2021.

Did you notice that at least one word in the title of every sculpture contains the letter i?

Painted Ponies, OrigamintheGarden2, Reiman Gardens, 2021.

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