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Bright Square: Water Feature

You know winter has gone and warmer weather is officially here when the folk at Reiman Gardens turn on the pumps and fill the water features. Light and shadow through water make such interesting patterns.

Thank-you, Becky, for the April Bright Square Challenge. And thanks to all the bloggers who participated! I’ve enjoyed all the brightness.

CMMC April Letter: “E” at the Beginning or Ending of a Word

Tricycle. Fisher Farm. April 22, 2021.

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge is to share photographs illustrating words beginning or ending with the letter ‘e’. I considered words that begin and end with “e” – envelope and epistle made my short list – but opted to use photos I’ve taken in the last week.

The tricycle in the first picture is hanging upside down next to a four bicycles which are also dangling from the ceiling. Another fun find at a friend’s farm!

Gate. Reiman Gardens. April 26, 2021.

This gate made me chuckle since there is no fence on either side. I wonder if it is newly installed since I don’t remember it on earlier visits to Reiman Gardens. Perhaps something magically wonderful happens for those who walk through it.

Geese on Shore. Reiman Gardens. April 26, 2021.

The goslings have hatched! I first saw the nest in early April so it was fun to see the parental geese and their young.

Geese on Pond. Reiman Gardens. April 22, 2021.

Once on the pond, the little ones practiced how to dive under the water. Notice the splash one made in the final photo.

Geese at Play. Reiman Gardens. April 22, 2021.

Bright Square: Baubles

Clear Bauble. April 22, 2021.

Kathy couldn’t imagine why I wanted to visit and take pictures at the farm. The growing season hasn’t really begun and there are few flowers blooming. But I’d seen pictures of their baby goats and know they have other creatures.

Blue Bauble. April 22, 2021

I also know that every farm has objects that make interesting patterns, cast cool shadows, reflect the surroundings or sparkle in sunshine. I was not disappointed!

Posted in response to Becky’s Bright Square challenge.

p.s. Catching up with an outdoor in-person conversation was more fun than taking pictures! The baby goats weren’t interested in being photographed. And I’m saving pictures of the chickens and cats for another day.

Bright Square: Coins at Japanese Garden

At Seattle Japanese Garden, Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle, Washington. October 2018.

Today I’m wishing I had taken notes while taking pictures at Seattle’s Japanese Garden. My best guess is that this photo was taken while looking through the opening of a stone lantern – but I could be wrong and would be glad to be corrected! And I’m wondering if the coins represent wishes or prayers.

Posted in response to the Bright Square challenge hosted by Becky’s at The Life of B through the end of April.

CMMC April Pick a Topic from the Photo

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: Pick a Topic from her Photo was, for me, quite a challenge this week. Decided to just go with what I could find in my digital files: no moving trains, no bike helmets, no graffiti, no green hedges, no ladders. The two photos I found show deliveries on the way to undisclosed locations.

Windshield Wiper Framing Semi. Interstate 90, Western Montana. October 2, 2018.

Through a windshield does not create the highest quality photo, but it accurately shows a rainy, gray, fall day in the mountains! The illusion of the windshield wiper coming down on the cab of the truck was not planned but makes me smile.

Fruit Boxes. Interstate 82, South Central Washington. October 8, 2018.

Scenes of harvest in central Washington are quite different from the harvest scenes where I live. I had not imagined large crates of fruit being trucked from one place to another so they definitely caught my attention.

Both pictures were taken with a pocket camera from the passenger seat of a moving car as my best beloved took his turn driving. We were on our way to and from his oldest grandson’s wedding.

Bright Square Challenge: Kinetic Sculptures

The stainless-steel sculptures of “Wind, Waves & Light” by George Sherwood have bright, beautiful, intriguing motion when the sun is shining and there is a slight breeze.

These are three of the twelve sculptures that were part of the special exhibit at Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, in 2018.

Posted in response to The Life of B’s April challenge Bright Squares.

Bright Square Challenge: Childhood Home

Childhood Home. Baker, Montana. May 21, 2017.

We were back in Baker to help my parents pack fifty-some years of accumulations housed at the corner of 1st and George. Across the street from Lincoln Elementary School, allowing Mom to watch the kids – all the kids across the years – come and go and play at recess. Two blocks from Baker High School, where Dad taught math and computers.

Early evening, sun descending, feeling nostalgic and needing a break from boxes, I took a walk with camera in hand. This is my favorite picture of that day.

So much light and laughter and love emanated from that house. Friends always used the backdoor – knocking was optional. They knew to help themselves to a pop (aka soda) from the fridge. Teenagers soon learned they were welcome to make themselves a peanut butter sandwich or scrounge for leftovers. If supper was on the table, visitors were invited to pull up a chair. I could go on and on!

So many bright memories. So much love.

Picture posted in response to Becky’s Bright Squares challenge. Prose because this photo led me down memory lane!

CMMC: April Color – Light Green or Neon Green

Figuring out what was light green or neon green was the hardest part for the April color week of Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge! Here’s what I finally chose.

Green Apples from Jack’s Tree. Central Iowa. October 2, 2017.
Frog. August 28, 2014.
New Evergreen Needles. Ankeny, Iowa. May 20, 2020.
Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University Campus, Ames, Iowa. April 13, 2021.
Panoramic Awareness Pavilion Panels (Sculpture by artist Olafur Eliasson). Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Des Moines, Iowa. January 8, 2021.

CMMC: April Close-Up or Macro

As I looked at photos I took at Reiman Gardens last Saturday (April 3, 2021), I found three of the same tree that I think work for the April’s Close-Up or Macro Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge.

The shapes and patterns of both the flower buds and the unopened leaves are interesting.

But it was probably the color of the leaves that first caught my eye.

Because I knew I’d never remember it is a Wayfaring Tree Viburnum, I snapped a picture of the identification tag!

Challenges: Bright Square and Flower of the Day

Becky over at The Life of B is challenging us to a post a bright square photo every day in April. The only hard and fast rule is that it must be square. Since I decided to join the fun with a photo of a flower, I’m including it in Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge as well.

Bluebells and Shadows on White Stone, Reiman Gardens, Ames, Iowa, April 3, 2021.