Musing: Rainbows

It was another gloomy day in central Iowa.
Dense fog warnings for commuters.
Thick clouds hiding any hint of sunshine.

It was the perfect day to go back to bed.
But I had to take the original copy of my best beloved’s will to the attorney.

On the way home, I detoured by the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens.
I had no intention of going in.
Just wanted to walk along the Des Moines River (the paved path had been cleared).

This rainbow colored sculpture caught my attention.
In a landscape of white and shades of dreary, I couldn’t help but smile.
The bright colors lifted my spirits.
And left me thinking about rainbows.

A sign of hope.
After the storm – between storms – the sun peeks through.
There is a moment of calm.
An opportunity to pause, to take a deep breath.

Time to remember.
The story of the Great Flood and the bow God set in the clouds. (Genesis 9:12-16)
A sign from God. A sign for God.
That God will see and remember the promise not to destroy all flesh with a flood.

But there are still floods. There are times of destruction.
Periods of being overwhelmed.
Some as a consequence of life, of living, of being part of creation.
Many a matter of our own making. (sigh)

Yet there are rainbows.
Reminders to pause, to take a deep breath.
Opportunities to be still, to remember, to give thanks.

God remembers.
Has been been with us through the storm.
Will be with us when clouds gather and floods come.
Is here now.

For today, that is enough.

5 thoughts on “Musing: Rainbows

  1. Kristy May

    I don’t remember this from our time there 2 years ago… But it’s fabulous: the contrasts in the photo, the living hope of our faith in your prose. Thanks! (And birthday blessings, too!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Teressa Post author

      I think the sculpture has been there for years. It just really stands out when the foliage has died back and the there’s not much color around! (And birthday blessings to you as well!)


  2. Maren

    thanks for your beautiful images and also this time words. Also I didn’t connect you with Iowa (the Internet is so universal) And that is where I was born (Iowa City)and raised (Des Moines).

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