Photo Challenge: Retrospective

Old Wagon Framed by Old Truck Window, Neumann Ranch. Photo: TLClark, August 2012.

Having used neither a wagon nor an old truck as a primary mode of transportation, the photo itself doesn’t make me feel particularly retrospective. But it illustrates that times have changed!

On a personal level, the location of the photo – the ranch of family friends – reminds me that I will have to be very intentional to ever take pictures there again. The 2010s were when my parents moved from a small town in far eastern Montana to Montana’s largest city. We’re grateful they have better access to medical care and to an airport. But it means they now live 260 miles from a favorite place to play with the camera. Times have changed!

The wheels in the photo remind me that in 2019 my husband and I traded two cars and some of our savings to become a one car couple. We rarely need to be in two different places away from home at the same time so it works for us. Since the new car is a hybrid we feel a bit better about our carbon footprint. Times have changed!

Posted in response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Retrospective where Frank wrote: “Feel free to look back across 2019 or the 2010s, or whatever comes to your creative mind, when you are feeling retrospective!”

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