Photo Challenge: Tower

With a field of TV and Radio Towers not far from us, we can get (nearly) all the TV we care to watch using an HD Antenna.  This first picture was taken about a mile north of our home.

DSC02074 (2)

Photo: TLClark. 5/30/19.

It was so good to see blue sky and sunshine!  We’ve had A LOT of rain in Iowa.  There is major flooding on two of Iowa’s ‘coasts’ – along the Missouri River to the west and the Mississippi River to the east.  The other night it seemed the whole state was under a flash flood warning.  Farmers are struggling to get crops planted, adding heartburn and headache to the hurt from tariffs.  Some families in southwest Iowa haven’t seen their homes in a couple of months.  If you’re the praying type….

The pictures were taken from the side of the road – no trespassing and no traipsing through mud!  The first photo was looking due north.  These middle two are from the southwest, looking northeast.

IMG_2318 (2)

Photo: TLClark. 5/30/19.

The reflecting pond (above) is not a pond at all – just a low spot in the field.

The power line tower in the foreground (below) gives a bit of perspective at how tall* the TV towers are.  The town of Alleman is in the background.  You can see an array of satellite dishes on the ground, the sphere of a water tower, a school and the town’s grain elevators.

IMG_2323 (2)

Photo: TLClark. 5/30/19.

The last two pictures were as close as I got to the TV towers.  You don’t see all the guy-wires from a distance!  It’s the same anchor in both photos.  (Note:  those are power lines in the top right of the last picture.)


*The tallest tower is 2000 feet.  Click here for information on the WOI tower, here for the specs on the KCCI tower, and here for a 2007 article (with pictures) about the towers.

Photographed and posted in response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge found at Dutch goes the Photo!

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