It was growing where it didn’t belong.  More accurately, it was growing where it wasn’t wanted and would never thrive in that narrow span of rocks between two driveways.

The ground was soft following the rain, so I pulled it.  And was surprised to get the full root system with the casing of the seed still attached.  No more than six inches long from the leaf tip to root end, it reminds me of the tenacity of life.



2 thoughts on “Weed?

  1. Rita Sommers-Flanagan

    …growing where it doesn’t belong…I’ve puzzled over our definition of “weed” for decades…as a rancher and gardener, I’ve learned many lessons. One thing I’m sure of. Nature abhors monocultures. “Weeds” move in due to overgrazing, drought, and other disturbances. They ARE tenacious. Often, they’re not what we want growing there. They are kind of arrogant. But eventually, they will give way as the disturbance is addressed and diversity is reestablished. Another thing I’ve learned is that weeds proliferate because the balance is off. They have no “natural enemies”….for a while, they can assert themselves as firmly as white male colonists…doing great harm. But eventually, sometimes gently, sometimes violently, balance reasserts….Happy rainy Thursday! Rita

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    1. Teressa Post author

      Great reflection; particularly enjoyed the comparison to white male colonist. “Kind of arrogant” indeed. And yet it is we who have taken over its natural habitat. Hence the question mark. Balance reasserts is the hope and the promise. Thank-you.

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