Lent.17: Speak Out

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Mark 13:9-13

“Watch out for yourselves. People will hand you over to the councils. You will be beaten in the synagogues. You will stand before governors and kings because of me so that you can testify before them. First, the good news must be proclaimed to all the nations. When they haul you in and hand you over, don’t worry ahead of time about what to answer or say. Instead, say whatever is given to you at that moment, for you aren’t doing the speaking but the Holy Spirit is. Brothers and sisters will hand each other over to death. A father will turn in his children. Children will rise up against their parents and have them executed. Everyone will hate you because of my name. But whoever stands firm until the end will be saved.

Mark 13:9-13, Common English Bible (c) 2011

Reading the words “when they haul you in” made me think of the Rev. Jim Antal.  In his book Climate Church, Climate World he argues for “civil disobedience as a spiritual practice.” [1] While admitting not everyone is called to be arrested, he is adamant that we all must end our dependence on fossil fuels and work together to address climate change.  It is a justice issue – climate change amplifies all forms of injustice.  It is a moral act, an extension of what he calls Golden Rule 2.0 – to love our neighbors ourselves and to “recognize that future generations are no less our neighbors than those who live next door today.”[2]  And, yes, he’s been arrested and spent time in jail.

Look around.  What injustice do you see?  For the health and well-being of your neighbor, are you ready to speak up, to speak out?  If not, what is holding you back?

[1] Jim Antal, Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018), “An Alban Institute book,” 142-144, 164

[2] Ibid, 58.

-Teressa Clark, 2019

Lenten Reflections 2019:  Following Jesus from the Mount of Olives to the Tomb ~ Day 17


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