Photo Challenge: Round

I was fiddling with my ‘wisdom’ rock and thinking thoughts both great and mediocre when I realized the object in my hand was round.  Not perfectly round, mind you, but round enough to be featured in Frank’s photo challenge this week – “round“.


What words will be written on these pages? Will any be wise? Photo: TLClark, 3/7/19.

The rock is solid, fairly heavy, smooth except for the word ‘wisdom’ etched on the surface, and just right for holding and rolling around in my hand whether I’m feeling stuck or simply contemplating whatever is before me.

It reminds me that when Solomon ascended the throne after his father King David, Solomon’s prayer was for wisdom.

Give me wisdom and knowledge so I can lead this people, because no one can govern this great people of yours without your help.  – 2 Chronicles 1:10 CEB

Holding it yesterday I thought about how wisdom comes through experience.  How sharp edges get carved off and rough surfaces are sanded away.  At least that’s the hope!

My wisdom rock isn’t the only round thing on my desk.


Tape Truck, made by Don Dilworth.  Photo: TLClark, 3/7/19.

The round wheels of my tape truck remind me that my parents are driving “Weenie Truck” – a small pick-up they’ve owned for more than 25 years – from their home in Montana to my brother’s home in Arizona.  One of the grandsons just got his driver’s license and asked if he could buy Weenie Truck.  (The standing joke in the family is Dad will sell the pick-up to a family member for $1.)  They’re safely through the first 2/3 of the trip and I trust they’ll make it the rest of the way!


Photo: TLClark, 3/7/19.

A little pottery bowl collects small treasures.  They remind me of the circle of life.  A gift from a friend, a walk on a beach, a token from a funeral.  Objects unrelated except for the people – individuals who have never met each other but who have touched my life.  I’m grateful for the love and the wisdom they’ve shared over the years.

May you be led by God’s wisdom, today and every day.


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Round

  1. Teressa Post author

    Thank-you! When I was in seminary one professor required a journal of entries with the theme “Where’s the Bible?” The goal was to notice ways scripture pervades our every day lives. I’ve been thinking I should make it a regular blog post.


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