Take a look at fresh fruit

I suggest you ignore this post.  Instead, find a piece of fresh fruit, pick it up, and take a few minutes to consider its surface texture.  While you’re at it, notice how it was attached to the tree or bush or vine or whatever plant on which it grew.

What?  You’re still reading?  Or did you come back?

The other day I noticed a banana on the table.  Its surface is smoother than an orange.  And not quite as smooth as an apple.

The results of my attempts to photograph the banana were dismal.  The orange and the apple pictures were better.  Eating breakfast this morning I decided to try getting decent photos of blueberries and strawberries.

So here you are: pictures of fruit.

Fruit 2M - Apple

Fuji Apple.  Photo: TLClark, Feb 2019.

I’m thinking a whole series of photos of apples would be fun to do.  Different kinds with their different colors.  Use a knife to cut one way to see the star-shaped center with seeds.  Cut the other way – the usual way – for apple slices to eat with peanut butter.  Maybe an apple with a single bite or perhaps many bites.  Maybe just an apple core.

Fruit 2M - Orange

Navel Orange.  Photo: TLClark, Feb 2019.

I really should have taken a photo of the navel end of the orange!  But I liked seeing the stem; notice how different is is from the apple stem.

Fruit 2M - Blueberries (2)

Blueberries.  Photo: TLClark, Feb 2019.

I opted not to highlight the ends of the blueberries once attached to a plant because I’m intrigued by the little star on the other end!

Fruit 2M - Strawberries

Strawberries.  Photo:  TLClark, Feb 2019.

The underside of the leaves of the strawberries are a much brighter green than the top side.  I wonder if that’s always true or just true of this particular crop.

Fruit 2M - fruit bowl

Fruit in Bowl.  TLClark, 2019.

If there were other kinds of fresh fruit in the house – other than an over-ripe banana and some pineapple already cut up – I’d have more pictures.  Guess I need to start next Friday’s grocery list!


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