Calling God’s Name


“Father of orphans and defender of widows is God in his holy habitation.”  Psalm 68:5

Ankeny United Church of Christ is up to Psalm 68 as they read through the Psalms a chapter (or less) at a time during Sunday worship.  Since I’m a bit of Psalm nerd when Pastor Nathan asked me to fill the pulpit I immediately spent time reading, reflecting, and then studying Psalm 68.


The book I read for the Children’s Message yesterday.

On first read I was taken by all the images – names – for God:

  • One who rides the clouds!
  • Guardian of orphans
  • Defender of widows
  • Giver of a home to the lonely
  • Redeemer of the prisoner
  • Leader through the wasteland
  • Sender of rain
  • Refresher of land
  • Provider for the poor

That’s just the first ten verses!

The next verses are about God the mighty Warrior.  Which I’d like to ignore.  But it got me thinking.

  • How do the names we use for God shape our faith?
  • How do those names shape the way we treat others?

What is your favorite name for God?   How does it shape your faith?

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