I am thankful for….

Birds, Blue skies, and butterflies
Clean Air and Clear Water
Coaches, Mentors, and Teachers
Colors of Autumn and Spring
Companions on the Journey
Our community
Our country
Employment and a Home
Eyesight and Hearing
Faith, Family, and Friends
Flowers and shade trees
Food and Shelter
Forgiveness and Mercy
Freedom to Worship
A Furnace and an Air Conditioner
Granddaughters, Grandsons, and Grandparents
Health and Access to Health Care
Hope of Resurrection
Laughter, Life, and Love
Lakes, Oceans, and Rivers
Lazy Summer Days
Mountains and Prairies
Open Minds
Parents, Godparents, Foster Parents
Promise of a New (and better) Day
Questions by Seekers
Rain and Snow to Renew the Earth
Restored relationships
Socks and shoes
A Spouse – both Partner & Friend
Sunshine after the Storm
Tender hearts
Uncles, aunts and other relatives
Warm winter coat

– Compiled by Teressa L. Clark, 12/18/12 from conversations over the years with some of God’s good and grateful people

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